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Let's Have your Kid's Right Brain Development with Fun Abacus

Abacus is Mental Arithmetic System. A whole brain development programme for normal children aged 8-12 years.It enables children to discover and bring out their hidden potential.

Learning Abacus enhances lifetime skills such as concentration, creativity & imagination, listening and photographic memory, to name a few

Learning Mathematics with an Abacus help To ....

  • Boost your child’s confidence when it comes to mathematics.
  • Develop mental calculation abilities.
  • Provide a sense of achievement as the child's proficiency improves.
  • Lead to greater mental capacity
  • Promote intuitive thinking.
  • Enhance problem-solving capability
  • Enhance creativity
  • Develops Ability to listen and read quickly
  • Develops the right brain tremendously.
  • It Improves Comprehension, presentation, and Visualization skills.

Student Abacus Kit Contains :..

  • 13 Rod Student Abacus.
  • 8 Levels Workbooks
  • 8 Levels Exam Papers.
  • Certificate of Course Completion.
  • Participation In "Gurukul Best Abacus Kids" Competition Awards.

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